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Cheap (PC) Gaming Controller under $10 Un-boxing Quick Test

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Hey guys the controller I ordered from eBay just arrived today (took 5 days) on this quick video I am doing a quick un-boxing and quick test on the controller. I made the video because I only paid $8 for this controller and was pretty excited. Hopefully this video helps some of you guys. NOTE: The quality is poor because there is no Editing, I just used my phone but wanted to share with others what a good deal I got for less than $10! Got it from this Seller on eBay...

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Here are the winners of the 2017 Game Awards

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You'd be forgiven if you forgot that the 2017 Game Awards were actually about, you know, giving out awards for excellent games. Between the game announcements and trailers, the Home Shopping Network–style plugs for eBay, the multiple orchestrated numbers, and Josef Fares losing his mind on stage, there was little time left for trophy presentations. ...]

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$100 Sony Playstation Network Card For only $90

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If youre looking to add more money to your PSN account, PayPal Digital Gifts is selling $100 Sony PlayStation Network Card for only $90 through eBay.


Limited Edition Star Wars Money Up for Auction This Week

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Beginning later this week, 1,000 will be available on eBay with a buy-it-now price of £100.

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Review: Srident reselling SD2Vita 3.0 adapters – Finally looks like a Vita cartridge!

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Update: It's been brought to my attention that these SD2Vita adapters are exactly like the ones you find on eBay and Srident is just a reseller. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Sections 2 & 3 are...

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Westwood's Blade Runner is an all-time classic in danger of being forgotten

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Some of the brightest lights of 90s gaming are beginning to wheeze, croak and lose some of their sparkle. But just as they take a step towards retirement, they're given a new lick of paint and booted back through the door in remastered form. Or kept upright by a battery of emulators and plastered across the front page of GOG. We're truly spoilt. But what happens when a golden oldie can't be revived?
As a new Blade Runner film arrives in cinemas today, the video game that shares its name should be front and centre on GOG. But short of rebuilding it brick by brick, Blade Runner will never get a facelift or a new home. In 2003, a terabyte of data was lost. The source code went down the drain, and ever since, Westwood's magnum opus has been buried beneath the weight of time.
If you're lucky, you can still pick up an original copy on eBay or Amazon. Inside the enormous cardboard box, you'll find four discs to be fed into your drive. Getting it to work isn't particularly straightforward - for that you'll need a patch and a fair wind to have it up and running on a modern operating system.


Over 10,000 SNES Classics sold on eBay, average price over $160

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Thanks to scalpers.

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Bootleg Star Fox 2 Cartridges Appear on Ebay

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Hackers have already extracted the Star Fox 2 ROM and are selling cartridges on eBay.

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Outlast Free, Batman Arkham Knight 50% off, Assassin’s Creed sale & more – Video Game deals, 9/22 update

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Disclaimer: links to Amazon, eBay, humble bundle in this article are affiliate links. It means you do not pay anything extra but we get a small commission on the sale if you purchase through...


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