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This insane Hearthstone championship match all started with a godly opener

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How a one-sided mulligan turned into a fierce tug-of-war, making for the best match of the HCT so far.

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Idle Space Review by Gaming on Batteries

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Carl WIlliams writes, "Before I start this review let me say that I am normally not a fan of clicker games. Yet, here I am reviewing one and have one more on my phone waiting for a review. That should tell readers something about how good this one is, and that other one well it will have to wait its turn. Idle Space is not just any clicker game where you are clicking the same damn spaces on screen after screen. Nope, there is actual action going on here. Something the genre is sorely lacking."

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Meet Medusa

Added: 18.01.2018 19:52 | 0 views | 0 comments Can you imagine a more horrifying creature than Medusa? The body of a serpent, a bed of snakes for hair, and a petrifying gaze that will turn you instantly to stone if you look at her! Thank goodness this is just a picture and not the really thing! Try your best to style this creature from the ancient Greek Isles.

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Max Steel: Turbo Reload

Added: 18.01.2018 19:52 | 0 views | 0 comments Defeat all enemies with Max Steel in an exciting shooting game with lots of action. Do not let them destroy you!

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Chic School Girl

Added: 18.01.2018 17:52 | 0 views | 0 comments It's style 101 with fun skirts, cute tops, and printed Ts. Turn the hallway into a run way with a too chic for school look and matching notebook/backpack accessories.

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Added: 18.01.2018 16:53 | 0 views | 0 comments Turn that frown upside down and smile, pout and pose for the camera at this emo party with your best friend for life! Suit up in some darkly colorful out fits covered in skull prints, hearts and more!

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They Are Billions is an unputdownable RTS revelation

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How long can you survive? It's so simple and so effective: build a base and protect it from the enemy zombie hordes. Not the ones milling about on the map, although they do trickle towards your base and sometimes with proper intent, but the actual hordes. When they approach they get a special announcement and a clock ticks down to their arrival, and a big skull represents them marching across the map. So much drama! When they turn up, you'll know why.
Zombies that are harmless in ones or twos are devastating in their hundreds, and if your walls and traps and troops aren't strong enough, and the zombies reach your vulnerable workers, they will infect them and the wave will get stronger. If you don't patch the hole quickly, zombies will sweep through your base like sea through a sandcastle. Dying in They Are Billions is an inevitability, and death comes quick.
But the difficulty is a masterstroke, as is the speed at which The End comes. Keeping you on the back foot compels you to do better, and dying quickly means you don't lose much, attempts are brisk, and you aren't overwhelmed by wiping the board clean and starting again. It also naturally breaks the learning into digestible chunks.

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Darkest Dungeon and the Lovecrafting of crunch

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Heroes aren't born, forged, plucked from obscure, charming villages or raised from centuries of slumber in Darkest Dungeon - they are broken in. Or at least, broken. Out on Switch today, Red Hook's festering roguelike sees you battling to reclaim a cliffside manor from the cosmic terrors unleashed by your dead, yet mysteriously talkative Ancestor, sending quartets of procedurally generated adventurers into the estate to slay eldritch creatures and gather the resources and experience you need for an assault on the mansion itself. Besides the usual stats, unlockable abilities and gear slots, each adventurer has a stress bar, which fills up as they weather punishments both tangible and intangible. The mouldering hush of a crypt might fill it up a little. A clash with a screaming pigman the size of a house will probably fill it up a lot.
Max out the gauge, and the adventurer will undergo a "resolve check" that usually results in an Affliction - the effects may include spurning medical attention while at death's door, or berating the rest of the party for missed attacks, raising their stress levels in turn. There's a small chance that the hero will discover hidden reserves of strength and acquire a Virtue instead, the effects of which range from massive stat buffs to random self-healing, but in general, such meltdowns are to be avoided. You won't always be able to avoid them, however. When not wading into the filth, characters can be left to recuperate at the local tavern and chapel, or treated of stress-inducing "Quirks" such as claustrophobia at the sanitarium, but the expense of such therapies, coupled with the unpredictability of the dungeons, make it impossible to keep everybody's blood pressure down for long.
Accordingly, the thrill of Darkest Dungeon lies not, as in other turn-based RPGs, with the delicate arranging and toppling of variables whose effects can largely be relied upon, but in rolling with the punches when somebody's morale gives way. It's a game about bending souls and bodies out of shape, then dealing with - and taking a certain morbid pleasure in - the fallout. This is a gamble your adventurers have no choice but to endure. Oh, they might slip your clutches for a turn or two, going AWOL after an all-night drinking session or departing on some grotty/mystic errand. They might refuse to serve with ungodly character classes like the Abomination, or beg you not to send them on quests above their level. But they can't up and quit, not till the final and most harrowing series of quests, whereupon any surviving heroes will leave your roster, scarred forever by what they've seen. For all their warped predilections and frailties, their resentment and gibbering outbursts, they make perfect employees - and if all else fails, they are easy enough to replace, with new recruits carted to the Hamlet every turn.


Make Me Stunning

Added: 18.01.2018 9:51 | 0 views | 0 comments Use various beauty tools needed to turn this average looking girl into a true beautiful lady. Use beauty masks, make up products, hairstyle tools and fashionable new clothes to get the right looks for her.

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