Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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A dormant Rockstar series could be making a comeback

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A renewed trademark by publisher Take-Two Interactive could allude to something being in the works for one of Rockstar Games' most controversial series, and its not Grand Theft Auto. Fans have seen nothing from the visceral Manhunt series since the second game launched back in 2007, but with the publisher renewing the series trademark, a ...]

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Twin Baby Day Care

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/83627/big.gif Try to be responsible in this baby game where you get to take care of a pair of babies which are twins. First, you need to go trough the caring part that implies feeding them, playing with toys, and other fun activities. Once this stage is complete you can go straight to the dress up part where you are dealing with playful colors and a whole new set of clothes to add. Put on some pretty accessories too.

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Battle Gear 2

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/15862/big.gif Fortify your base and send troops, artillery, and aircraft, or air strikes to your enemies base.

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Quantic Dream controversy: Sony reacts to accusations against the studio

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After the serious accusations brought against the French studio Quantic Dream , brought to the attention of everyone via an investigation of Canard PC , Mediapart and Le Monde yesterday, Sony France was eager to respond to a request from us concerning this case now spread to the great day..

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Gintama Rumble’s Trophy List is Shockingly Generic

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Not quite what fans would want.

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Trollface Quest TrollTube

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/71049/big.gif Trololo! Trollface is trolling TrollTube! Help him search for some unlucky adventures and solve the tongue-in-cheek puzzles in a point-and-click game that will have you screaming for more. Troll on the floor laughing!

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Nintendo Switch emulator announced, and it has a strong pedigree

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While emulators have been a controversial topic in the gaming industry for years, it's always interesting to see how long it takes for a console to receive an open-sourced copy. Typically, it takes years to develop an emulator for systems, especially with the most recent generation of consoles. However, a group of developers have defied ...]

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Royal Warfare

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/59415/big.gif Royal Warfare is a new real time squad defence game with swords, archery and magic. Train soldiers, combine troops, face numerous enemy waves, enjoy fierce battles and protect your kingdom. Unite scattered forces, upgrade your soldiers, create a well combined army and smash the undead forces.

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Belly Dancer Makeover

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/86455/big.gif Sophie is a mesmerizing and beautiful dancer who can perform both sensual veil dances and up beat shows with audience participation. She's a super talented belly dancer who belongs to Vancouver's longest standing professional belly dance troupe and by far the most beautiful girl in the troupe. Today she's going to show off her perfect belly dance in front of everyone gathered here to see her and she needs your help for a complete makeover before going up on stage! Rummage through her glittery collection of chic belly dance outfits, have her try some of them and pick out your favorite to dress her up. Then make sure you style up her beautiful long hair, too and then complete her charming look by choosing the most sparkling accessories that you can find in her jewelry collection. Enjoy!

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Trollface Quest

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/89591/big.gif Illogical, meaningless, stupid and unfair, but extremely entertaining at the same time. Yes this is "Trollface Quest". In this funny point-and-click adventure game you are in charge to guide trollface safely through all levels and protect him from getting caught by other evil trolls. Every stage is a real challenge. Think extraordinary and use your rich fantasy to solve all puzzles and reach next level in "Trollface Quest". Click on the given objects and figures and see what happens, sometimes you need more than one try to find out what's actually going on. Silly sounds and funny music will make you laugh like a real LOL face. Enjoy the trololo quest!

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