Thursday, 22 February 2018
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Added: 22.02.2018 15:55 | 0 views | 0 comments Greek mythology tells tales about brave heroes fighting glorious battles. These battles always come with lots of bloodshed, which makes them excellent for re-enactment on your computer screen. You get to become Achilles, possibly the bravest heroe of his time, armed with sword, shield and spear. All three can be used for bashing up enemy soldiers, so have fun chopping them to bits. Battle it out with the Trojan warriors.

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Ivy is back for SoulCalibur VI… and she’s still barely wearing any clothes

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One of gaming’s most controversial female characters is back, with an outfit that’s almost exactly the same as the Dreamcast original.

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Loot Box Debate Raged Inside Hi-Rez Studios - Report

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Developer Hi-Rez Studios responds to claims of internal struggle over Paladins' controversial loot box update.

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Death Stranding: Troy Baker, Emily O'Brien Join Cast

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Emily O'Brien announces she's a part of Death Stranding - along with Troy Baker - on Instagram.

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On the Controversy of Ethnic Representation in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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BacklogCritic: "One of the most controversial issues surrounding KC:D is the absence of people of colour as NPCs and the stances on the issue by the games director, Daniel Vávra, whose reputation as blunt-spoken is widely known and reported in connection with the Gamergate controversy. Some find it very difficult to separate the creator from his creation, which is understandable but should not have any bearing on the facts of the matter."

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