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Legend of Coin mixes monster catching with coin pushing

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Legend of Coin mixes monster catching with coin pushing Released late in 2017, Legend of Coin is a novel take on the coin-pushing arcade games. It’s been developed by Prope Games, a Japanese company lead by legendary Sonic The Hedgehog programmer Yuji Naka. Combining elements of monster catchers with arcade coin pushers, the blend isn’t quite like anything else.
If you’ve ever played a coin pusher before, you’ll be in familiar territory here. Use the touch controls to fling coins on the shelf, which are constantly being shunted towards you. Those that slip off the ledge end up in your pocket, to be reused or spent on bonuses and upgrades. So far so familiar. But you’ll notice at the top of the screen there’s a fidgeting foe waiting to fight you. To join the fray, you’ll need a monster of your own. These are dropped alongside the silver coins on the shelf, and can be collected, combined and levelled up. Coming in 200 varieties, monsters are your attack force, and can be summoned into battle to defeat the enemy. 


Games Inbox: GTA VI release date prediction, Yakuza 7 suggestions, and memories of Zelda

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The morning Inbox wants to replay Sonic The Hedgehog on the Master System, as one reader tries to imagine working with David Cage.


The games that shaped me as a gamer – Reader’s Feature

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A reader considers the childhood games that inspired his love for video games, from Sonic The Hedgehog to Micro Machines.


Official Sonic Twitter has a classy response to racist VRChat meme

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The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account is maybe the only redeeming thing about Twitter at the moment. The Sega mascot's social media presence recently took on the "Ugandan Knuckles" meme that's been trolling VRChat, the hot new platform for copyright infringement and virtual reality weirdness. Who is Ugandan Knuckles? The short version is that ...]


Sonic Games

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SuperPhillip Central | Sonic Forces (PS4, XB1, NSW, PC) Review

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Leap in to 2018 with SuperPhillip Central and Sonic the Hedgehog for his first PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch adventure! SPC's Sonic Forces review is surprisingly positive, all things considered!

Sonic Robo Blast 2 2.1.20

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A fan-made replica of Sonic the Hedgehog that takes place in the same world, but in 3D


Sonic Games

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