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The games that shaped me as a gamer part 2 – Reader’s Feature

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A reader continues his reminisces over the most influential games from his past, and moves on to the PlayStation 2 era.


Dragon Ball FighterZ Review - Analog Stick Gaming

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"I've only ever been a casual fan of the Dragon Ball anime and never once read any of the manga pertaining to the long-running series. It's never been a franchise that sparked my interest to any large degree yet I've almost always checked out the story-based games like the Xenoverse series and even as far back as Dragon Ball Z: Sagas on the PlayStation 2 way back in 2005. When it was announced that Arc System Works, developers of the gorgeous Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series, were tasked with creating a fighting game based on the beloved series, It felt like a match made in heaven, and for the most part, it very much is. " Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming


Review: Dynasty Warriors 9 (Sony PlayStation 4) | Digitallydownloaded

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Review by Matt S. "Koei Tecmo has done a remarkable job of telling the many stories of the many people that make Romance of the Three Kingdoms such a compelling book and period of history, and the beautiful cinematic consistency makes it the most perfect realisation of everything Koei Tecmo has been aiming for with this series since way back on the PlayStation 2."

PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus tops chart

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Shadow of the Colossus' PlayStation 4 remake has topped the UK charts with sales that dwarf those of the game's original release.
The number of physical PS4 copies sold was 73 per cent up on the game's original PlayStation 2 release all the way back in February 2006.
That figure does not include any download copies of the game, either - something which UK numbers company Chart-Track still doesn't, well, track.


Final Fantasy 12 on PC delivers 60fps - but system requirements are high

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Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age finally arrives on PC, bringing with it the ability to run at native 4K resolution at 60 frames per-second. With PS4 Pro operating at 1440p with a 30fps cap ( and base PS4 limited to 1080p30), this upgrade has the potential to deliver the best version of the game to date, completely fulfilling expectations of what a remaster should deliver.
Similar to the Final Fantasy 10 titles, gameplay mechanics, animation, and other core components were originally designed to run at 30fps and need to be reworked to enable higher frame-rates without breaking parts of the game. It's not always a straightforward task, but for the most part Virtuos Games has done a good job here. 60fps works here on this new PC build with minimal issues: animations run at the correct speed, lip-syncing appears reasonably well implemented, while the gameplay mechanics translate nicely to the higher frame-rate.
On that front it's a great release. Playing the game at 60fps adds an additional layer of polish that no previous releases have been able to deliver. Despite the game's 12-year-old PlayStation 2 origins, the colourful artwork, iconic character designs and grand locations still hold up well in remastered form. Meanwhile, the gameplay is nicely enhanced by the higher frame-rate. Controls feel crisp, as one would expect, but really, it's the extra fluidity and overall smoothness that really transforms the experience. It adds an extra level of refinement to an already solid remastering of a classic Square Enix RPG.


Should Konami let Bluepoint remake Metal Gear Solid?

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This week saw the release of the PlayStation 4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus by Texas based studio BluePoint Games. The game has been very well received by the press and gamers alike, garnering even higher ratings than the original PlayStation 2 game when it came out over a decade ago. What people like about this remake is that it is very faithful to the original, and it manages to retain its characteristic atmosphere, but at the same time it is still a huge upgrade, and easily one of the best looking games of the past few years. Its a classic disguised as a brand new game.

Legend of Kay Anniversary coming to Nintendo Switch

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The remastered version of classic PlayStation 2 action-adventure Legend of Kay is being brought over to Nintendo Switch later this year, publisher THQ Nordic announced. The remaster introduces high-resolution textures, new, more detailed character models, modern rendering techniques, and crystal-clear surround sound. For those unfamiliar with the game, Legend of Kay features 25 different levels ...]


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