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Omega Quintet - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

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Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Omega Quintet is a jRPG that your wife/girlfriend/mother is going to look at you strangely for playing. Moreso than the usual looks you get from jRPGs. Crafted by the crew at Compile Heart, this entry in your library is super Japanese, even though it's been translated over. That is not meant in any sort of disparaging sense of the term, but instead, if you tend to embrace the concept of Japan's pop idols, and always wanted to turn those into battling jRPG characters, well this is your chance.


Omega Quintet review - ChristCenteredGamer

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Omega Quintet stars the verse maidens, magical girls who slay creatures called the MAD using song and dance. These monsters are spawned by the Blare, a strange black substance that turns organic beings into MAD. With the old verse maiden Momoka retiring, it's up to Otoha and the newest verse maidens to defeat the MAD once and for all.


Omega Quintet Official PC Trailer

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The game will release December 15 on Steam.


Up to 70% off digital versions of PS4 JRPGs

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The digital versions of PlayStation 4 Japanese role-playing games have been heavily discounted, including Megadimension Neptunia VII dropping to $15.99, Omega Quintet to $8.99, Tales of Zestiria to $20.99, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered to $20.99 and more.

Omega Quintet Coming to PC

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Get ready for a new kind of song and dance



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