Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Yume Nikki -Dream Diary- Shows Terror Inducing Gameplay in New Trailer

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Playism released a new trailer for the dream-horror game Yume Nikki -Dream Diary-, which is a reimagining of the original RPGMaker title.


Raging Justice Official Announcement Trailer

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This beat'em up, starring Nikki Rage and Rick Justice, is coming to consoles and PC this year.

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Yume Nikki sequel Dream Diary gets another weird trailer

Added: 31.01.2018 20:34 | 6 views | 0 comments

And a price point.


New Yume Nikki Game Gets Release Date

Added: 24.01.2018 23:38 | 5 views | 0 comments

New details emerge on Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, the surprise follow-up to the 2004 cult RPG Maker horror game.

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Yume Nikki Trades Intrigue for Exposure

Added: 17.01.2018 11:48 | 4 views | 0 comments

John Klingle writes: "When I first played Yume Nikki I had to navigate Japanese-language file sites, download an unofficial English patch and install a Japanese character pack onto my laptop so I could run the Japanese version of RPG Maker 2003. More than a decade later, the seminal Japanese horror indie title Yume Nikki is finally debuting on Steam, but at what cost?"

Tags: Nikkei, Steam, RPG

Dream Diary podcast tells story of Yume Nikki

Added: 13.01.2018 4:49 | 4 views | 0 comments

We unveil the Dream Diary podcast, about indie cult classic Yume Nikki.

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