Sunday, 17 December 2017
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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Gets New Multiplayer Gameplay on PS4

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Bandai Namco showcases new PS4 gameplay of Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, showcasing a pitched multiplayer match.


Last Jedi: Why Benicio Del Toro's Character Is Named DJ

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Find out why the new Star Wars character's moniker owes a debt to a certain English rocker.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gives a Name to THAT Kid

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Be advised: SPOILERS from the new Star Wars movie are discussed within!

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Watch Gameplay Of Beerus, Hit, And Goku Black

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The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer pays homage to the series' classic moments, while also introducing us to some new characters.
The trailer premiered at this weekend's Jump Festa event, and shows off how some of the most important fights from Dragon Ball Z look rendered in Arc System's take on the Unreal Engine 4. The trailer also has the first snippets of gameplay of Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black, all three of whom were . The trailer also uses music from the original Japanese series, so anyone in the states who watched the sub instead of the dub should get a little does of nostalgia.
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EGMNOW explores a modest corner of the beast that is Far Cry 5

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Far Cry 5 honors the Far Cry tradition of surviving in a dangerous wilderness against all odds, but the trademark exotic landscapes have been supplemented with something a little more familiar, namely Hope County, Montana, located right here in the US of A. I recently went hands-on with Far Cry 5 at a December preview ...]


Ni No Kuni II Officially Delayed To March 23rd, 2018

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Bandai Namco just made it official. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is moving from January 19th, 2018 to March 23rd, 2018.


Tekken 7 Update for Input Lag Fix Now Out, Video Shows How Much It Improved

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As promised by Bandai Namco, a new Tekken 7 update is out now, and it fixes the annoying Tekken 7 input lag issue. There's video proof of it working too!


US States Word Scramble

Added: 15.12.2017 0:53 | 2 views | 0 comments Solve all the US States scramble words, states name from Alabama to Iowa. Click and drag the letters to the placeholder and click CHECK. A box will appear on top to say whether the word is correct or not.

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In Cattails you are cute, cuddly, and born to conquer

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A fluffy exterior hides the war-mongering underneath. This is the saga of Ragnar Pawbrok, first of his name.

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