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Metal Gear Solid 4's first hours are the worst of the franchise

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After replaying MGS 1-3 I hopped into MGS 4 for an exciting conclusion but was hit with the worst opening hours of the series so far. Overwritten, lacking tension, and struggling to modernize the series gameplay we would see refined in MGS V

Metal Gear Survive Review Xbox One X - TGA

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Hothead Maniac says "Metal gear Survive overlaps with the ending from Metal Gear Solid V, the initial intro shows the events that link the games together as you ends up being pulled through a wormhole to the alternative world of Dire."

Metal Gear Survive might be trying to warn us about the series future

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The main question that hangs over Survive is whether it deserves to be called a Metal Gear game. On one hand, it would be absurd to put anything else on the front of the box; the game lifts so many assets from Metal Gear Solid V that not acknowledging the connection would be disingenuous. But on the other, Survive doesnt possess the impeccable design and confidence that made the best Metal Gear games so special. Perhaps Survive is aware that it lacks this loftiness and isnt trying to honor the legacy of this 30-year-old series, but that doesnt excuse faults like its overly oppressive mechanics or bland story. If this truly is the future of Metal Gear, maybe it doesnt need to survive.

3 Things We Want from a Metal Gear Solid V Successor

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Twinfinite Writes: With Hideo Kojima out of the picture this time around, I think the best option for the next game in the series (if Konami wants to go that route) is to have a brand new story with a fresh main character.

Metal Gear Survive Review | Xbox Achievements

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A Metal Gear game in name only, Survive is a decent though often frustrating - survival game with a few unique tricks up its sleeve. While the Metal Gear name brings with it a certain weight of expectation, as long as you don't go in expecting Metal Gear Solid 6, you'll be fine.

Metal Gear Survive Review - GCP

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Rather than getting a new mainline entry in the series, Konami has taken parts of Metal Gear Solid V's engine and reworked it into the zombie filled Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive is massive flop in new UK sales chart

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Konami will not be happy with the sales of their new game, which are dwarfed by Metal Gear Rising - let alone Metal Gear Solid V.

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