Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Five Reasons I Like Fortnite BR Way Better Than Battlegrounds

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Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez writes: Battlegrounds may have sparked the current Battle Royale trend, but these days, Id much rather log into Fortnite. Over the last few months, developer Epic Games have crafted a game with a unique identity, if not a better one.


Final Fantasy VII's Explanation For Barret's Gun Arm Is Different In Japanese

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Kotaku: "Ive been playing Final Fantasy VII in Japanese and English at the same time. Im making videos documenting the little differences I notice between the Japanese and English scripts. This is the latest part of my series! In todays episode, were going to visit the Gold Saucer, where well encounter a line of dialogue which, I believe, points to the translator not knowing what would happen to Aeris later in the game. Then well experience a visit from some ghosts of Barrets past. Well learn why one of Barrets arms is a gun. The reason is generally the same in English as it is in Japanese, though some of the details are curiously, deliciously different. If youve watched any of these videos so far, you know that I am always curious about deliciously different details. If you havent watched any of these videos yet, well, you can find them all in this convenient playlist."


Destiny 2 is a mix of good and bad, but mainly average

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"While some of the Destiny 2 community members have engaged in useful feedback and criticism, the rest are on the bandwagon of insulting Bungie. Kirk Hamilton, Editor at Kotaku, named Destiny 2 as one of the most disappointing games of 2017, claiming that Bungie repeated some of mistakes they'd made previously. I also agree with his statement that Destiny 2 does have praiseworthy characteristics, and it is not a lost cause." - Saniya Ahmed, Gamer Professionals.


Final Fantasy 8 Retrospective: The Greatest Love Story

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Kotaku: "Final Fantasy VIII, released in 1999, wasn't just a sequel to FFVII. It was an evisceration. It tore apart and reimagined the series' mechanics to a degree we hadn't seen since Final Fantasy II."


The Heartbreaking Final Fantasy VII Song That Makes Me Smile

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Kotaku: "One of Final Fantasys most iconic songs doesnt even make my top 10 favorite list. That said, its also one of my most cherished. What makes it special is that its tied to one of my fondest memoriesbut not in as sweet a way as you may think."


On Xbox One, Battlegrounds is More of the Janky, Troubled Game I Love

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Kotaku: PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is on Xbox today. The consoles more casual feel benefits players who prefer a more strategic, slow-moving pace, but thats in part because the games signature jankiness is significantly jankier here-its hard to play ambitiously when everything from switching weapons to jumping off the airplane is just a little more finicky. If you were hoping for a more polished Battlegrounds experience, Im sorry. Battlegrounds on Xbox makes the game more for everybody, if possibleas long as its glitchiness doesnt deter you.


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