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Read Only Memories: Type-M Review: Dystopian Heart - ShackNews

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From ShackNews: "Read Only Memories is a unique twist on the point-and-click adventure game, taking cues from the cyberpunk aesthetic and style of the classic Hideo Kojima-helmed Snatcher. Since its initial release on PC, it's been ported to most systems, including the PlayStation Vita, but until now it hadn't been given a mobile port. Now, mobile players have a chance to strike out on their own to explore Neo San Francisco while on the go. Read Only Memories: Type-M is an excellent, downsized version of the game that works well as a mobile title. If you've heard a lot about Read Only Memories and want a chance to finally sit down and play it, this is your best shot, since you can take it with you."

Metal Gear Survive - Review - Jump Dash Roll

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Metal Gear Survive is the first Metal Gear game since Hideo Kojima left the series behind - how does it fare in his absence? Jump Dash Roll gives its verdict.


3 Things We Want from a Metal Gear Solid V Successor

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Twinfinite Writes: With Hideo Kojima out of the picture this time around, I think the best option for the next game in the series (if Konami wants to go that route) is to have a brand new story with a fresh main character.

Hideo Kojima: Games, Film, And Disparate Elements

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Over the years Hideo Kojimas love of film has translated well into his masterpiece Metal Gear franchise. However, this fusion of pastimes has become more prominent in recent works and its worrying for future titles. Can the legend distinguish between mediums? Evidence points to no.


Kojima honors del Toro’s Oscar wins with new Death Stranding tease

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Director Guillermo del Toro's latest film, The Shape of Water, received four Oscar wins during the 2018 Academy Awards, bringing him and his movie a great deal of praise from fans. One such admirer, Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima, stood out from the bunch, though, as his congratulations included what appears to be a new image ...]


Metal Gear: Survive Review - GameWatcher

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From GameWatcher: "Marking the first instalment after Hideo Kojimas departure from Konami, Metal Gear Survive melts the action-adventure theme of the franchise with a survival twist. Theres no doubt that the newest addition is looking reshape the Metal Gear experience this time around, but is it actually any good?"


Metal Gear Survive Review - Games Asylum

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Games Asylum: "Either we missed something between Metal Gear Survives reveal and launch, or Konami has pulled off some classic misdirection. After its somewhat disastrous debut, many gamers billed Survive as a generic co-op zombie shooter with tacked-on crafting elements, simply because thats what the trailer portrayed. It was deemed the safest and laziest route for Konami to take, and fans were livid. While the end result certainly lacks Hideo Kojimas trademark eccentric imagination, to call it a generic zombie shooter would be way off the mark its a slow-paced survival game thats single-player oriented, in which confrontations with the zombie-like Wanderers arent all that common. Thats to say, more time is spent scavenging than shooting"


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