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InnerSpace Review: Flying Blind - GameSpew

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InnerSpace is an atmospheric, zen-like experience with an art style reminiscent of Grow Home's simplistic minimalism and a mysterious world that looks worth diving into. Unfortunately, for as much work the game does towards building its worlds, it gives little reason to stay there.

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Ubisoft Reflections Releases New Game Ode for PC

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Ubisoft Reflections, the studio behind Grow Home, Grow Up, and Atomega, revealed and released their newest game Ode.


The Grow Home team has just released a musical treat called Ode

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Only months after landed, Ubisoft Reflections has a new game out. It's a playful musical adventure called .
Ode's a wonderfully strange beast: you play a little character sat inside a ball and you spend your time rolling around bizarre environments messing about with the things you find in order to make music. It's very colourful and creative and mysterious, and I hope to have something a bit more substantial up on Eurogamer once I've finished it.
Ubisoft Reflections is the team behind Grow Home, incidentally, so Ode has a pretty glorious lineage. It's available for the PC right now, via the and it costs £4.49. How lovely!


Ode is a new 'music exploration adventure' from the makers of Grow Home

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Ubisoft's latest indie-styled release came out today.


Atomega: over the last few weeks a great game has quietly gotten better

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Atomega has stuck with me. Ubisoft Reflections' brilliant follow-up to Grow Home and Grow Up is an ingenious multiplayer battler that's completely unlike any other multiplayer battler I have ever encountered. And it's all so simple: as you race around an arena, blasting away at your enemies, you're also collecting the mass you need in order to grow. The bigger you are, the more dangerous you are and the more points you can score - but you're also more exposed.
I've been at this since the start on and off, but over the last few weeks it's gotten really interesting. Atomega launched with a single map. Now there are a handful.
Brilliantly, they all retain elements of the original map. There are the same sorts of buildings around the outside of the arena, which tends towards the kind of chunky, numinous architecture that you get from ancient cultures. In the centre, though, the maps have their own gimmicks. Temple has a vast structure with cavernous interiors lurking beneath a sickly green sky. Nova reaches towards the heavens, one tower balanced magically upon another. My favourite, though, is Void. Void is completely brilliant. In Void, as you might imagine, the important feature turns out to be the thing that's gone missing.


Growing From Atom To Omega In Ubisoft's Atomega (TSA)

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TSA writes: "When I heard that the team from Grow Home were making another game at Ubisoft, my curiosity was piqued. That it would be a first person shooter was even teresting, but for it to be an online only PC game had me scratching my head. What were those developers at Ubisoft Reflections in Newcastle up to? With Atomega the answer is something fascinatingly unique."


Atomega review | EuroGamer

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The people behind Grow Home return with an ingenious multiplayer battler.

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The makers of Grow Home have a new game, and it’s out next week

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The creators of Grow Up and Grow Home are back with a brand new game: Atomega. Ubisoft revealed the multiplayer arena shooter today with a stylish new trailer and a blog post detailing the post-biological world of the game. In Atomega, purple cube-like Exoforms compete to gain mass and more forms, growing larger and more ...]


Atomega is a new multiplayer FPS by the creators of Grow Home

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...and it's releasing next week.

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