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Charting the (lack of) progress of Windows/Bing Maps 'Streetside'

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In one sense you could argue that there's no real compulsion for a routing and mapping application or service to also offer up to date street level photography. Which is just as well, since Windows 10 Maps is woefully behind Google Maps here, if this is indeed a requirement. It does seem, based on my observations here on coverage and on the age of the street photography that does exist, that Microsoft stopped sending round camera cars several years ago and that world street photo coverage thereby stalled. Does it matter? Well, that's a different question and debatable, but I wanted to document the coverage stall in a few screenshots anyway.


Speed limits the last bastion of Windows 10/HERE Maps advantage to 'fall'?

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I've dealt in several features here on AAWP with the pros and cons of HERE Maps and then Windows 10 Maps (based on the same codebase) and - despite dodgy traffic handling and UI issues - one of the key advantages of Nokia's and then Microsoft's application was that speed limits are displayed and speed warnings given. In contrast, this has been a deficiency of Google Maps for a decade, but I wanted to link out to news that speed limits and warnings are coming to the latter. It's a rollout and I don't know why it's taking Google so long (perhaps they never gathered limit information in the first place, unlike HERE/Nokia?), but at some point in the near future (a year or so), the market leading Google Maps/Navigation will have the same speed functions as Microsoft's in house application...


Mini-review: Traffic UWP: an expensive but useful kludge?

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Picture this... Take the Windows 10 Maps (including their offline versions), add on Google Maps' live traffic data, throw in Bing's roadworks database, and then garnish with some TomTom traffic jam love. What I'm describing is Traffic, a Windows Phone utility now reimplemented as a UWP app for Windows 10.


Mini-review: Slack (Beta)

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Look, at some point in a product's life cycle, a reviewer has to ignore the 'Beta' part of a name and just review the darned thing. Google famously had both Gmail and Google Maps in 'beta' for about five years. Mind you, they were both free. Come to think of it, so is Slack here, so I'll cut it some, errr.... slack, and simply look at it as-is. I can't delay any longer! It's not a full Windows 10 UWP, but it is universal, i.e. WinRT and behaves much in the same way.


Google Maps April Fools' gag lets you play Ms. Pac-Man

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Two years ago Google Maps added an April Fools' Day East egg allowing the navigation software to . Now that gag has been reprised only with Ms. Pac-Man, because it's 2017.
Simply boot up the software on your mobile device or go to the web-based and you'll see a prompt to "insert coin". Hit this and you'll be whisked away to a random location with familiar pellets dotting the landscape as you guide Ms. Pac-Man on her merry, gluttonous way.
This Bandai Namco-related gag isn't as good as the real Ms. Pac-Man as city streets don't necessarily translate into solid single-screen arcade stages (indeed the wraparound effect is a little unpredictable as certain streets link up with odd continuations across the map), but it's still an amusing diversion nonetheless.


You can explore the world as Ms. Pac-Man in Google Maps

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Ms. Pac-Man can help the population navigate the world thanks to Google Maps' new April Fool's Day gag. Opening up Google Maps on any smart device today will reveal a button in the bottom corner featuring the most classic of video heroines. Hitting the button will begin a game of Ms. Pac-Man on the streets of ...]


Google Maps will now remember where you’ve parked your car

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Forget where you park your car often? Google Maps will make that happen a little less often.



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