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Sonic Runners Adventure Now Available on Android & iOS

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Gameloft's newest game is Sonic Runners Adventure, a premium Sonic The Hedgehog platformer with classic Sonic characters, locales, and no IAPs.


War Planet Online: Global Conquest Online Client

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Build a base and form alliances with other players in this casual strategy game from Gameloft


Mini-review: 'Paddington Run: Endlessly fun adventures'

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Possibly the last Gameloft title to come officially to Windows 10 Mobile, 'Paddington Run: Endlessly fun adventures' is a freemium endless runner. And that's all you really need to know. 'Paddington' gives you the theme and graphics, 'endless runner' gives you the mechanics, which are identical to just about every other first person endless runner. Oh well, at least it's a brand new title for the platform from a major publisher.


Paddington 2's official mobile game, Paddington Run, will be made by Gameloft

Added: 14.09.2017 13:11 | 19 views | 0 comments

Paddington 2's official mobile game, Paddington Run, will be made by Gameloft With the second Paddington movie on the way it was only a matter of time before the official mobile game reared its head, and it's called Paddington Run. 
Race through the streets of London in Paddington Run and trade your famous duffel coat for other clothing as you work your way through different levels. Just assuming from the title, this game is likely to be atop-scrolling runner where you'll have to avoid obstacles and collect coins (or similar items) to rack up your score.
According to the press release, both Gameloft and StudioCanal are working hard to bring the same charm and humour of the iconic bear.
Information is a little thin on the ground at the moment, but we know we'll be seeing the game on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone this autumn before Paddington 2 releases.


Review: War Planet Online: Global Conquest UWP

Added: 11.09.2017 12:54 | 8 views | 0 comments

Gameloft has been a huge culprit in recent years for pushing out freemium tat, but they seem to be gradually reigning it in. War Planet Online: Global Conquest UWP is a full Continuum-compatible Windows 10 game for PC form factors and for Mobile and is both hugely ambitious and, for once, not too greedy with real world currency and in-app purchases.


War Planet Online: Global Conquest Guide Tips, Cheats: Allies and Battles, Strategy Guides

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War Planet Online: Global Conquest Game by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad). Keep in mind that rallies are often not the best choice of attack. Your enemy can activate a protective shield moments before the rally arrives, or call for help from their allies. You can coordinate attacks with your allies and make attacks that have more power than armies sent via the Operations Room building.


Dungeon Hunter Champions is Gameloft's upcoming RPG MOBA, soft launched on iOS in the Philippines

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Dungeon Hunter Champions is Gameloft's upcoming RPG MOBA, soft launched on iOS in the Philippines Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter Champions is taking a step away from its usual hack 'n slash RPG and dipping to MOBA territory. Oh, and it's soft launched in the Philippines right now.
Dungeon Hunter Champions is an RPG experience with a bit of a mix of flavours. Instead of the usual pathway, Gameloft's decided to take Champions down a more communal route, meaning you've got a few ways to play with other folks. 
First, you've got your solo-player campaign. Here you'll work your way through ten environments and battle the hell out of mobs, bosses, and try and live through 200 levels in the Ultimate Blitz (horde mode). 
In terms of multiplayer, you've got your party mode ARPG option where you'll build your own team and work with them out on the battlefield. Then you've got real-time MOBA battles where you can band together with other players in teams of five to destroy an enemy base. 


Modern Combat Versus Tips, Cheats: Vice and Winning, Strategy Guides

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Modern Combat Versus: Online Multiplayer FPS by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad). Vice is not overpowered, what is overpowered is the running speed with VICE and automatic fire while scoping. The movement speed with the weapon needs to be reduced, so it cannot be used to run and shoot randomly.


Modern Combat Versus Now Soft-Launched in New Zealand and Australia

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Gameloft has announced that Modern Combat Versus is now soft-launched in New Zealand and Australia. As a region-locked game, the game also soft-launched in Google Play's Early Access too.


90 Day Challenge: Day 7 - Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing | ANDi Reviews

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ANDi writes: Sunday's game in the 90 Day Challenge: Day 7 is Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing from Gameloft. Available on iOS, Android and via the Windows Store. If you want a thrill, this is for you.


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