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Where you buy video games for PC

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Steam Origin Uplay GoG GreenMan Gaming any other places worthy of mention? Edit: CheapShark Amazon HumbleDumble Kinguin Gamersgate CDKeys IndieGala Fanatical G2A HRKGame BattleNet (Blizzard) (world of tanks etc.)

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G2A will force key sellers to reveal their name and address

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G2A has announced plans to force key sellers on its marketplace to reveal their name and address. Previously they could sell keys anonymously.
G2A said the move, which comes into effect on 1st July, will give more transparency to buyers. G2A has often come under fire for its marketplace, which is seen by many as a hotbed of fraudulently obtained PC game keys.
Meanwhile, G2A said it will add automatic geolocation. This means buyers will no longer have to select their location from a drop-down menu when buying an item. Instead, their location will be determined automatically using "data taken from independent and reliable sources". The idea here is customers won't be able to conceal their location in order to get around VAT. On that note, from 1st July G2A will include VAT in all product prices.

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G2A will soon require key sellers to provide their name and address to buyers

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But does it have to be their real name and address?

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Digital Fiasco Episode 31: Trademarks are a Pain in the Æ

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Hosts Dandr0id and Jack McBastard talk about Trademark law, Praey for the Gods, and how Steam just gave G2A the world's biggest middle finger. All of that and more on this episode of The Digital Fiasco Podcast.

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Steam puts the kibosh on gifting?

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This is one dumb move. I used to buy stuff on sales, and then, gift the items when a person's birthday/anniversary/ special event comes up, and now, you can't do this anymore. You can ONLY gift it at the time of purchase. Then, they say you can "schedule" a gift, but, how do we know they won't have bought the item in question in the time frame before the "scheduled" gift arrives? No more picking when I want to give something out. This will just increase sales to humble bundle / G2A /...

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The changes in Na`Vi.G2A roster

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Akbar 'Sonneiko' Butaev is back to NAVI!

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Controversial Key Reseller G2A Gets Roasted By Indie Dev, Offers Further Statement

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G2A Boss was recently grilled by indie developer, and the marketing head of the G2A was forced to issue a statement on their controversial business model.

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G2A rep does live Q&A at Reboot conference, gets blasted by developers [Updated]

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G2A has responded to the awkward meeting.

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G2A rep does live Q&A at Reboot conference, gets blasted by developers

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Rami Ismail: "This G2A talk is exactly what you'd expect from real-life Reddit."

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