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Those Fable 4 rumors just got a huge boost in credibility

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When Lionhead Studios closed its doors two years ago, it was assumed that the Fable series would be coming to an end. The final Fable game, Fable Legends, never reached completion, and card game Fable Fortune didn't do much to fill the hole left behind. Now, though, rumors say that the Fable series might live ...]


Analyst Explains Why Xbox One Is Struggling With Lack of New IPs, Single Player Games A Riskier Bet

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Microsofts had the worst luck as far as their first party initiatives go this generation- multiple of their anticipated games in development have had troubles and met with cancellations, such as Scalebound and Fable Legends, their major first party franchises are beginning to feel tired and losing their selling power in the market, such as with Halo or Gears, and their new efforts have all failed to stick- such as Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive.

How Fable Fortune survived the death of Lionhead

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, Fable Legends fell by the wayside. What most people didn't know at the time was there was another Fable game in the works at Lionhead, one that hadn't even been announced yet.
Unlike Fable Legends, though, this secret Fable game survived Lionhead's closure. That secret game was Fable Fortune, and this is the story of its long and winding journey to launch.
Fable Fortune, a Hearthstone-like collectible card game set in the Fable universe, sprang into life in October 2014 after the small team responsible for Fable Anniversary wrapped up the Steam version of the game. With Fable Legends development in full swing, the Anniversary team was asked to come up with an idea for a mini-game of companion game that would slot into the big Xbox One and PC project. Lionhead had form when it came to Fable companion pieces, of course, with Fable: Coin Golf and Fable: Pub Games both past successes.


GameEnthus Podcast ep314: X.B.O.Xcronym or Exclusively Semantic

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This week Lance(@MPC_Hero), Scar(@Scarfinger) and Michal (@GravityAllergy) join Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Xbox One X, Maijin and the Forgotten Kingdom, Last Guardian, Metro Exodus, Assassins Creed Origins, Player Unknowns Battleground, Deep Rock Galactic, State of Decay 2, The Darwin Project, Dragonball Fighter Z, Arc Systemworks, Black Desert, The Last Night, Raw Fury, The Artful Escape, cole slaw, Lords of the Fallen, Tacoma, Gone Home, Super Luckys Tale, Crackdown, Ashen, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, The Division, Anthem, Outcasts, PS4 Pro, Dunk Lords, NBA Playgrounds, Cuphead, Sea of Thieves, Fable Legends, The Way Out, Crimson Skies, Voodoo Vince, Phantom Dust, Otogi, Deathrow, Conker Live and Reloaded, Jet Set Radio Future, Blinx: The Timesweeper, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Minecraft, Forza Motorsport 7 and more.

TiX E3 Predictions

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The staff here at TiX just love E3. In fact we view it as our Christmas Days and Birthdays all rolled into one, with the promise of all the new shiny games that are coming in the next few months (and sometimes years). But the week before E3 can bring leaks, and the rumour mill definitely moves into overdrive. So, I asked the team what they want, need and expect to find in Santa's bulging sack of E3 announcements in 2017! Just to point out that we are currently as clueless as an Elf as to the content of this years show, there's no insider knowledge in what we are predicting, but if we get a few things right then its obviously because we are extremely clever! Oh, and one or two of us may possess a magical time machine! Adrian Garlike Microsoft to announce a new Fable game is in development - Obviously Fable Legends was canned in 2016, but can MS let this amazing IP die? My bet (hope) is that Rare is secretly working on it. Scorpio will be called Xbox One X, which is a popular prediction here at Tix, and will be under £400 at launch. At least one game from Xbox will be available NOW (Cuphead/Below maybe). Rich Berry There will be an announcement of a Halo game like Reach or ODST Halo VR will come to Scorpio Steam store comes to Xbox Scorpio to bring Vive support as the VR headset of choice Damien Ashley EA will have some Lucasfilm folk up on stage. After showing Battlefront 2, we get the big announcement that the Amy Hennig Star Wars story game is set in the current time line and will be a canon story. No VR Microsoft device but Scorpio (probably renamed Xbox One X) will be fully compatible with Rift. There will be loads of UWP titles available on day one. Launch will be in mid October. Ubisoft will announce new IP. An online multiplayer Pirate game, a cross between AC4 and GTA online. it won't just be on boats. You'll build a pirate empire. Dave Moran The Xbox Design labs (design your own controller) will be launched in the UK. Microsoft will announce Forza 7. Original Xbox games to become part of Backward Compatibility. Max Powley Sam Fisher is BACK in a new Splinter Cell game announced at Microsoft's event. Open-world, lush graphics, and a Spies vs. Mercs mode developed by the Rainbow Six: Siege development team. Rare announces a second project is in development alongside Sea of Thieves. Xbox event ends with a video message from a new studio joining the Microsoft Studios family. It's IO Interactive and they're working on a BRAND NEW IP for Xbox. Rob Tonge Crackdown 3 will be announced as a Play Anywhere title but only on Scorpio as the Xbox One won't run the physics engine. But it'll only be a trailer but then inevitably get delayed and announced at E3 2018! Peter Molyneux returns to announce Fable Legends because its no longer cancelled. Cat Evans Pie in the Sky would be Elder Scrolls 6... Especially now they've released Morrowind for ESO I agree that we'll see something new about the new Crackdown, but there still won't be a release date anytime soon. Bungie will announce the date for the Destiny 2 beta, but PS4 will have early access to it. So, there we have it, our thoughts and feelings on what we hope to see.  Please let us know your thoughts before it all kicks off this weekend!

Return to Albion with Fable Fortunes

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Lionhead Studios may well have ceased, but Fable lives in within the hearts of Flaming Fowl and Mediatonic, who are releasing Fable Fortune – a collectible card game based in the world of Albion. Releasing July 11 on Xbox One and PC, Fable Fortune features six heroes each with their own powers and cards. Best of all is that the devs are based her in good ol Blighty, so expect the same crazy chicken kickin' humour that the Lionhead team once made their calling card. Now all we need is an E3 announcement of a new full Fable game, rather than the somewhat flawed Fable Legends, and all our Albion chicken kicking needs will be fulfilled.


Fable franchise ‘has a lot of places it could go,’ says Xbox boss

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Despite the cancellation of Fable Legends and its studio, Lionhead, being shut down, Microsoft still sees a future for the Fable franchise. Responding to a fan asking for Fable 4 on Twitter, head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that there's "nothing to announce right now," but he feels "the IP has a lot of places ...]


Molyneux: Lionhead Should've Made Fable 4, Not Legends

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For Peter Molyneux, Fable is about giving players freedom, not "constricting people and keeping them along a path."


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