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Exclusive interview with Martin Korda as he speaks about FIFA, Destiny and Fable

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Richard writes: "It would be fair to say that Martin Korda may not be the first name that springs to mind when thinking of video game writers. However, a quick look through his credits and you will see he is responsible for such stories as The Journey on FIFA 17 and 18, Destiny: The Taken King and Fable: The Journey as well as an impressive back-catalogue. You may then start to understand why we were so keen to sit down and have a chat with him at the Yorkshire Games Festival:"

Why I Love: FIFA 17's story

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Finally, a reason to play an old FIFA game.

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FIFA 18 Review | GameGrin

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FIFA 18 is certainly an upgrade on FIFA 17 and undoubtedly the franchise is going in the right direction, but with the same flaws still remaining it is hard to solely focus on the positives.

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FIFA 18 Review // Eggplante

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Eggplante: "FIFA 18 delivers on the promise that the FIFA franchise is the first and last word in soccer (football) video games. With an improvement over last year as well as following up on FIFA 17's The Journey, FIFA 18 impresses as the best looking game of its kind this generation."


FIFA 18's first big patch tackles goalkeepers and shooting

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EA has released FIFA 18's first big patch - and it makes some important changes to the game.
This update, available now on PC and soon on console, makes improvements to the goalkeepers, which some considered to be poor, and makes shooting slightly harder.
One of the chief criticisms of FIFA 18 is that it was too easy to score (there's more on this in our ). In short, the keepers aren't great, shooting is pretty easy and quick-passing is incredibly effective. I found this to be a fun and, crucially, improved experience compared to FIFA 17, but some games do balloon out of control with too many goals.

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FIFA 18 physical launch sales down 25% from last year

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FIFA 18 scored first place in the UK games chart this week, though its physical launch sales were down by a quarter.
Numbers company Chart-Track recorded retail copy sales as being down 25 per cent during FIFA 18's launch week compared to FIFA 17 a year ago. Should EA be worried? Well, probably not...
First off, FIFA 18 launched on a Friday this year. FIFA 17 arrived on a Tuesday, so had three days longer on sale to rack up numbers.

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