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Bethesda's Creation Club: the fallout

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It's been six months since E3 2017, when , their massively-successful mega-RPGs known for their breadth of content and emphasis on player freedom. This club would task third-party developers with producing new pieces for the publisher's two marquee games, which players could then buy from an online storefront with real money. While some decried the service as yet another attempt to introduce paid mods to the single-player gaming ecosystem, Bethesda insisted the market for free fan-made content would remain unaffected. "We won't allow any existing mods to be retrofitted into Creation Club," reads the . "It must all be original content."
Following this, in late August Bethesda revealed the initial line-up for Creation Club, which included and , both priced at $5 and inspired by similar items introduced in the various expansions for Fallout 3. There was just one little problem - if you searched the Nexus, the massively-populated home of free mods for Bethesda's games, among others, you'd find both and already on offer for the low, low price of nothing.
A mild furore erupted. Press pounced on the revelation, which fed the already-boiling fan frenzy over what were considered outrageous prices for sub-par content. Paying $5 for a piece of armour was bad enough, but when the free alternative is superior, the bad deal starts to seem like an out-and-out ripoff. For Road to Liberty, the mod team behind the two projects, it was a confusing development, and one they worked with Bethesda to try to avoid.


Sony boss wasn’t thrilled with how E3 opened to the public

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Gamers may have enjoyed E3 2017 opening to the public, but for press and game creators, it caused a fair amount of headaches, as one Sony executive expressed during this year's PlayStation Experience. In a PSX 2017 interview with Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, Sony Interactive Entertainment America President and CEO Shawn Layden explained that E3 is—first and ...]


Sony Must Pick Between PSX or Paris Games Week

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Push Square: "Its been a curious conclusion to the year, we must admit. Back at E3 2017 we pondered whether PlayStation Experience was becoming more important to Sony than the Electronic Entertainment Expo after it opted for a safe but unspectacular presentation in Los Angeles. And then, to our surprise, the platform holder announced that it would be holding a press conference at Paris Games Week on 31st October mere weeks prior to its annual PSX event in Anaheim."


The Last of Us: Part II - New Cast Members, Seattle Setting, and More Revealed; E3 Reveal Confirmed

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Developers from Naughty Dog and cast members provide formation about the upcoming The Last of Us sequel The Last of Us Part II for PS4.


Xbox One backwards compatibility: how does it actually work?

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One of the most memorable of E3 reveals also happens to be one of the greatest technological achievements of the current-gen era. Two-and-a-half years ago, Phil Spencer took to the stage at Los Angeles' Galen Centre to showcase the original Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect running on Xbox One hardware. Following an impressive early access period, the backwards compatibility program rolled out in full force, and hundreds of Xbox 360 titles are now available to play on Xbox One, with a clutch of enhanced 4K games now available for Xbox One X. So how was this all achieved? How does back-compat actually work?
Across the years, we've only picked up a few titbits on the process - essentially that the original Xbox 360 PowerPC executables are reverse-engineered into an intermediate, then recompiled into x86. There's also been talk of some level of hardware compatibility integrated into the Xbox One processor to make the job easier, but beyond that, technical details on the process are thin on the ground - until now.
"Basically, we have a VGPU - or an Xbox 360 GPU that we've recompiled into x86 - and we run the entire 360 OS stack," explains Bill Stillwell, Xbox Platform Lead. "We take each game, we recompile it so that it runs, but basically we're running it still in a 360, and the team goes through the game with multiple passes."


Sony Exec on If Opening E3 to the Public Was Successful

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Shawn Layden gets frank about whether he believes E3 can support both consumers and industry members in its current state.

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Sea of Thieves Release Date Announced

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Sea of Thieves will officially launch on Xbox One and PC on March 20, 2018. Sea of Thieves was originally announced at E3 2015, and has been in development since with the help of the Sea of Thieves community who have been able to play early versions of the game via its Insider Programme. Sign-ups for Sea of Thieves' Technical Alpha recently ended, and Rare is expected to provide more details about the next play session this month.

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