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The state of DX12 games in 2017, is DirectX 12 losing its steam?

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DSOGaming writes: "Back in 2016, we published an article about the state of DirectX 12 in PC gaming. As we wrote back then, DX12 failed to impress as a new API. Most of the DX12 versions of PC games were running slower than their DX11 versions, something that really surprised us. However, back then we only tested NVIDIAs GPUs. So, time now to take a look at all the DX12 games that were released in 2017 on both AMDs and NVIDIAs hardware."


VRMark Cyan Room DirectX 12 benchmark releases on November 22nd

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Futuremark has announced that its new DirectX 12 VR benchmark, VRMark Cyan Room, will release on November 22nd. As its title suggests, this is a benchmarking application for measuring VR performance.


3DMark Time Spy Extreme DirectX 12 4K Benchmark is now available

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Futuremark has released a major update for 3DMark that adds the first DirectX 12 4K benchmark. According to the team, Time Spy Extreme is a benchmark for gamers who want to play at the highest settings. This benchmark is also for system builders configuring 4K-capable machines, as well as overclockers.


AMD RX Vega 64 Outperforms NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti By Up To 23% In DX12 Forza 7

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In quite a shocking turn of events AMDs RX Vega 64 manages to outpace NVIDIAs GTX 1080 Ti by up to 23% in the upcoming DirectX 12 ready Forza 7. The racing game officially debuts next Tuesday, 3rd of October on PC but folks over at managed to get their hands on it early


FIFA 18 Demo Out Today, PC Specs Revealed

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DirectX 12 support also confirmed.


AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 review

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Years in development, the new Radeon RX Vega line is finally arriving - AMD's return to the higher-end of GPU performance after concentrating its efforts more on the mainstream and budget sectors of the market. There's no shortage of cutting-edge tech here: the Vega processor utilises 12.5 billion transistors on a very large 486mm2 area of silicon, the chip paired with two 4GB stacks of cutting-edge HBM2 memory. It's a bigger chip than Nvidia's GTX 1080 Ti and it has more memory bandwidth - however, the top-end RX Vega 64 offers performance line with GTX 1080, while the cut-down RX Vega 56 reviewed here is clearly aimed to compete with the GTX 1070. It does this job rather well.
Before we go on, it's worth stressing that the Vega architecture has a lot of features that may not be utilised much - if at all - today, but could make a big difference in future. For example, the double-speed FP16 support found in PlayStation 4 Pro was pulled ahead of time from the Vega spec sheet (referred to as 'rapid-packed math'), while AMD has incorporated the most fully featured implementation of DirectX 12 features found in any GPU to date. Meanwhile, the high bandwidth cache controller is an attempt to allow the GPU fast, low latency access to memory beyond the 8GB of onboard RAM.
Elsewhere, the basic layout of Vega looks remarkably similar to the Fiji processor at the heart of the last-gen Fury X, but AMD is keen to point out that every aspect of the GPU has been retooled. There are still 64 compute units and 4096 shaders in the processor - pared back to 56 and 3854 in this cut-down model - but these are 'new' compute units with an extended instruction set and a more efficient design. AMD has also sought out faster clocks from the Vega silicon. The last-gen Fiji topped out at 1050MHz, Polaris was coaxed to 1450MHz while Vega is set to hit an impressive 1700MHz - although, again, expect a hit to that in the pared back Vega 56.


NVIDIA adds DirectX 12 support for its Fermi GPUs (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 5XX and GTX 4XX series)

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A few days ago, we informed you about a new NVIDIA driver that was released and packed some optimization improvements for Lawbreakers beta build and for Spider-man: Homecoming VR. However, it appears that this driver also fully enables DirectX 12 on NVIDIAs older Fermi GPUs.


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