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Immortal Unchained Hands On - A New Sci-Fi Shooter with a Dark Soul | COGconnected

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COGconnected - Immortal: Unchained is a new sci-fi shooter inspired by Dark Souls, and we got a taste of it during its first ever public debut at PSX 2017.


Review: The Surge: Complete Edition | Blast Away the Game Review

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Blast Away the Game Review Writes: "Since 2009, FromSoftwares Demons Souls and Dark Souls franchise have been the cause for my controller-throwing induced fits of rage. Theyve also been the serious inspiration for countless other developers to jump on board in an attempt to bait players in, put them through some rage-inducing action, and ultimately seeing their fans break into tears at some point or another."


Nioh: Complete Edition - PC Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

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Chalgyr's Game Room writes: For all of the success of KOEI TECMO and Team NINJA's Nioh it seems too often that it is brushed aside as "Dark Souls with Samurai" which is a criminal understatement given how good Nioh is. Though well-received on PlayStation 4 when it launched in early 2017, as the year wore on it was increasingly more difficult to hear about the beloved grimdark action-RPG set in an alternate of the late Sengoku Period in Japan (1460's to about 1610) and features stunning level design, weapon and armor art straight out of the Azuchi-Momoyama period. Rounding out the trifecta of excellence is a wonderful story following William, a conscripted pirate on the hunt for Amrita, a golden stone that is found primarily in Japan, and is a dark yet strangely serene experience. A shame that only eight months or so past the PlayStation 4 release that the PC port is at times, marred by technical issues.


Nioh vs. Dark Souls Which Punishing Game Reigns Supreme?

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Dark Souls style of gameplay has become a genre of its own. Where does Nioh fit in this, and does it do enough to distinguish itself from its predecessor?


An Out-Of-Nowhere Character Action Surprise

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You would be forgiven for not knowing about Lost Soul Aside before this preview. When I saw the extremely long lines in front of the two-TV demo station at PlayStation Experience, I was similarly confused, and turned my head to try and figure out what I was looking at. We posted about , but we finally got hands on time with the game.
Made by a single developer in China by the name of Yang Bing, Lost Soul Aside looks and plays way better than it has any right to. A first look at the game belies its development resources, with graphics that rival a lot of large publisher-backed games on the PlayStation 4. There are obvious shortcuts, like the demo being contained to a small, geometrically simple cave, but the graphics and art invoke Final Fantasy XV more than anyone could expect of an indie title.
The virtues of Lost Soul Aside are not necessarily centered around its graphics, however, as much as they are how the game feels to play. It is a character action game through and through, with immediate controls that simultaneously feel smooth as butter and urgently reactive to you. Dodging is set to a button combination of Square and X, which I initially thought was one button too many at first, but it allowed me to dodge between quick frames of hammering the attack button on a monster's face.

The demo allowed use of three different weapons, a broadsword, a double-ended spear, and one-handed sword. All three were interchangeable using the shoulder buttons and could be mixed and matched during combos. The broadsword, a blunted blade that glowed a gnarly purple, was the strongest of the three but slow to the point of inviting enemy attacks. By contrast, the spear is lightning fast, punishing button mashers by locking them into combos that might not stun enemies. It does, however, have the fantastic quirk of blocking enemy projectiles while backdashing by spinning rapidly. The regular short sword is a mix between the two and I found it to be my preferred weapon.
The demo was not extensive, though given the small staff on the game, that is not unexpected. It is a playground to test combos against enemies that can and will kill you given the chance. There is no level structure or any progression beyond defeating waves of monsters until the boss appears.
The boss of the demo is a behemoth-like monster that might feel safer at home in Dark Souls than anything else. This analogy even extends to his moveset, which is made up of large swipes and wind-ups that give you ample time to dodge as long as you're paying attention. When the boss' HP, which is invisible, is drained halfway, the quadruped stands up on his hind legs and engages you with his own sword moves. I didn't last beyond this form, but its influences are clear.

Dodging is governed by a bar that depletes one visual notch with every dodge. It refills incredibly quickly so long as you aren't attacking, but that can be a difficult thing to balance in the heat of the moment. The dodging feels good, but the window is not so wide that you can simply assume dodging will save you from an attack. It has to be timed and timed well.
While it is unlikely it will ever live up to this comparison, Lost Soul Aside felt to me like a strange combination of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bloodborne. A lot of how well it can meet those lofty standards is still left unanswered, but Lost Soul Aside is absolutely one of the most surprising games at the show, and I can only hope it fulfills its promise.
The producer at China Hero Project has told us they are not yet sure if the game will be coming to the west but they are hoping to muster enough enthusiasm to bring it.

Price drop: $13.00 off Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin PS4 Game, now only $32.99

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Save $13.00 on Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin PS4 Game! The price of Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin PS4 Game has been dropped by $13.00, order now from


FromSoftware reveals when we’ll learn more about its mystery project

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Fans of Dark Souls-developer FromSoftware learned next to nothing about the studio's next project at the recent Game Awards, apart from its existence, but the developer has assured us there will be much more to learn in the coming year. FromSoftware's Shadows Die Twice. (if that's even its title) was teased at The Game Awards ...]


Dark Souls developer From Software teases new game

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The creators of Dark Souls have hinted at what their next game will be, in what could be a teaser for Bloodborne 2.


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