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Ghost of a Tale PC Performance Analysis

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DSOGaming writes: "Ghost of a Tale is a game weve been following these past few years. Back in 2013, SeithCG launched a Kickstarter campaign and after almost five years, the game has been fully released on the PC. Ghost of a Tale is powered by the Unity Engine, though it was first using Cryteks CryEngine 3, so its time now to benchmark it and see how it performs on the PC platform."


Hunt: Showdown is brutal, but you'll soon get caught in its web

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"Fast and agile" is how Crytek describes the spider, one of Hunt: Showdown's two currently available boss monsters. "Fast and agile", oh, and "immune to poison". I've spent a few hours in the creature's rough vicinity now, listening to its feet rattle across the ceilings of barns and slaughterhouses, and I worry this is selling it short. "Fast and agile" makes me think of doomed management consultancies and Lucio from Overwatch, whereas the words I'm searching for have no consonants and far too many vowels. They are words lifted direct from the 50 million-odd lines of genetic code human beings share with fruit flies. They are words that always end in exclamation marks.
Once a linear co-op shooter subtitled "Horrors of the Gilded Age", Hunt has mutated following the closure of its original developer Crytek USA into a sweaty, abrasive, sporadically brilliant mixture of DayZ and Evolve. Out now in Early Access, it's a 5-10 player survival game in which you scour a diseased chunk of 19th century Louisiana for an eldritch horror of some kind, gathering clues to track down the creature's randomly situated lair. Once you've found and killed it, you must banish the monster to hell, which involves defending the corpse for a few minutes while it is consumed by ritual energies. Then you'll need to pick up your bounty and head to a stage coach to end the match. Gosh, how straightforward I've just made all that sound. Rest assured that there are twists in the tale.
While following trails of blue light to clues using your character's "darksight", you must deal with lesser foes such as zombie dogs, walking insect hives and giant leeches. Sprinkled across the dense swamps and woodlands with devilish abandon, these aren't so much threats as speedbumps, forcing you to creep along or take circuitous routes while racing to the prize. The beefier varieties pack a nasty wallop, but the real danger of fighting them is drawing the attention of other hunters. The game's balance of PvP and PvE is exceedingly unforgiving: there's currently only one boss per match, and rivals can always ambush you while you're fighting it or relieve you of your winnings on the way to extraction. Having located the lair, the question is always whether to risk an attack or let somebody else soften the beast up before taking over.


Killing the Butcher in Hunt: Showdown is Creepy and a Blast

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The eerie and haunting MMO from Crytek - Hunt: Showdown - is finally in early access on Steam! Check out some gameplay footage as we attempt to take down The Butcher.

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Crytek CEO Steps Down

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The former CEO will continue to serve as a "Strategic Shareholder.”

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Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli Steps Down

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The former CEO will continue to serve as a "Strategic Shareholder.”

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Controversial Crytek boss Cevat Yerli steps down

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Cevat Yerli, the controversial boss and co-founder of Crysis developer Crytek, has stepped down as CEO and president.
Yerli, who was public enemy number one as Crytek staff went unpaid for months, will continue as "strategic shareholder", but the company will now be led by his brothers Avni and Faruk as joint CEOs.
The change comes following the launch of multiplayer first-person shooter and monster hunting game Hunt Showdown, which is developed alongside CryEngine at the company's Frankfurt, Germany office. Crytek continues to work on Warface at its Kiev studio. Crytek's Istanbul office operates Warface in Turkey.


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