Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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Colonial Wars - Special Edition

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/54934/big.gif Capture all the islands on each map as you compete against AIs trying to take control of yours.

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From: www.y8.com

Puppet Master: The Game Prototype 0.31

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Puppet Master: The Game Prototype 0.31
The sudden growth of our discord page has inspired us to continue working on the project. Based on feedback from our discord community, we are creating a 0.31 patch addressing some the balancing issues with the game. A little something to make the game a little more enjoyable while you wait for the next big release.

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Zone Control

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/83288/big.gif Take over each square by moving your circles to it. The more you move, the faster they control it.

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From: www.y8.com

Shopping Street

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/14215/big.gif Build the best shopping center and earn enogh money to continue.

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Freefall Tournament

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/2298/thumbnail464x348.gif FreeFall Tournament is a space marines themed TPS (third person shooter). Intense, fast-paced, team combat. Animation, effects, and camera control that make you feel like a true space marine…super human.

From: pl.y8.com

Contradicting Cats in A Case of Distrust - Cliqist

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Nic Reuben writes: "When you start up A Case of Distrust, the rich, smoky prose and familiar music might lead to believe you know exactly what to expect. But the square-jawed man isnt a man at all, and the sultry damsel is her cat. Your first case? Convince your incredulous feline that theres nothing to eat in the house. Not even a few red herrings."

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From: n4g.com

Fantastic Beasts Director Says Each Film Will Be Set in a Different City

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All five of the Fantastic Beasts films will take place in different cities, director David Yates has revealed. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was set in New York, while the second film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, takes place in Paris. When asked by Entertainment Weekly if this city-hopping pattern will continue throughout all five films, Yates replied: "Yes," noting J.K. Rowling has already informed him about where the third film will be set.

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Crime City 3D

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http://img-hw.y8.com/cloud/y8-thumbs/952/thumbnail464x348.jpg In this third-person shooter action game, you play as an agent who's aim is to clear y8 city from crime. Take your revenge on the mafia guys in your city. Shoot them down. Cool and long lasting more than 50 missions. You can steal any vehicle you wish - auto, car, tank, helicopter, jet pack.The game contains fully Open world Environment. Buy and upgrade your weapons to destroy the enemies and clear missions. Use cars and vehicles to drive over them.

From: pl.y8.com

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