Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Sniper Elite developer rescues troubled Oliver twins studio

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Rebellion, the British studio behind Sniper Elite, Battlezone and Strange Brigade, has swooped in to save fellow UK outfit Radiant Worlds.
All 70 Radiant Worlds employees have been saved, including the studio's founders and industry veterans Philip and Andrew Oliver (them of Dizzy fame). The studio will now be renamed Rebellion Warwick.
Staff are being put to work on the development of other Rebellion projects, such as the upcoming Strange Brigade.


Battlezone: Combat Commander Remaster is coming to the PC in 2018, first screenshots

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Rebellion has announced that it will remaster the acclaimed sequel to its classic Battlezone game, Battlezone II: Combat Commander.


Battlezone 2: Combat Commander remaster announced

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Remember Battlezone 2: Combat Commander? Well, it's coming back via a remaster due for release in 2018.
British game company Rebellion has charged Big Boat Interactive with remastering Pandemic's hybrid tank shooter / FPS / RTS, which first came out in 1999.
The remaster, simply called Battlezone Combat Commander, has new visuals, mod support, cross-play online between GOG and Steam for up to 14 players, achievements and cloud saves.


Rebellion unveils Battlezone Combat Commander—a remaster of Battlezone 2

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Due on Steam and GOG in 2018.


Battlezone Faction Armament Overhaul

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Battlezone Faction Armament Overhaul
A collection of basic mods designed to overhaul all the factions within Battlezone 98: Redux. This collection seeks to improve upon some shortcomings in the base game, give some uniqueness to each faction's weapon arrays, or correct certain oversights!


Battlezone VR 1.07 patch brings flight stick and HOTAS support

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Requested controller and HOTAS support finally arrives in Rebellion's excellent BattleZone VE on the PC along with fixes.

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Battlezone Review (PC) | Hey Poor Player

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HPP: Battlezone is fast-paced, tough as nails, and nothing short of sublime. So what are you waiting for? Suit up, roll out, and die a hero.

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Watch: Ian aims to stream 90 minutes of Farpoint gameplay

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Farpoint launches worldwide tomorrow and if you've read my , you'll know I wasn't that taken with it.
My main problem is that it feels so basic. As an early adopter of PSVR, I found my feet in the virtual world a long time ago and ever since I've been clamouring for something a little more substantial than the short experiences currently littering the Playstation store.
Unfortunately, Farpoint caters to newcomers more than veterans and as such, it can seem quite shallow to anyone who's already played games like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Battlezone or Resident Evil 7.

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