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Endless Space 2 is cruising along nicely after the Vaulters expansion and post-launch updates

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Checking in with Amplitude's 4X sequel, eight months later.

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How the Endless series reimagined the 4X strategy genre

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We talk to developers Amplitude about their aims and inspirations.

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Can a 4X title hold insights into how games could handle storytelling?

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The best - or at least the most famous - stories in video games are rarely the best video game stories. Yes, you can argue that the morally grimy ending of The Last of Us is up there with darker blockbuster movies, that the BioShock series' philoso-scientific musings are at least at the Christopher Nolan level. But none of these games utilise the storytelling tools specific to the medium. Their narratives are simply well-presented, well-written slices of steady exposition interposed between segments of competent, if often generic, mechanics.
The best video game stories, on the other hand, take advantage of those gamey idiosyncrasies you won't find in other media - mechanics, player agency, non-linearity - to play as big a part in the narrative as the writing. Plenty has been said about how walking simulators and the Souls series achieve this, but much less documented is the peculiar delights of storytelling in strategy games. And there's one strategy series in particular that stands out.
Amplitude Studios' Endless saga! If you ask me, Endless Legend and Endless Space 1 and 2 (as well as oddball tower defence title, Dungeons of the Endless) represent an interconnected masterclass in video game storytelling, working within the strict rulesets of 4X strategy to intertwine narrative and mechanics until they both hum with potential.


Orbital X: Old Rythmatic Feel With a Grandiose New Style - Kitsuga

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Rhythm games are nothing new to the industry, specifically after the explosion of Guitar Hero and Rock Band games from the late 00s. As much as those games have lost their way recently its hard to deny their impact on the genre as a whole despite titles like Space Channel 5 and Amplitude having existed before them.

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Free updates for ENDLESS SPACE 2

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Free stuff is good. Amplitude Studios has released a cool free update for Endless Space®2, their highly praised 4X grand strategy game, which was recently released for PC & Mac on Steam.


Endless Space 2 Invision Community

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A 4X Sci-Fi Epic created by the genius behind Endless Legend and the original Endless Space, Amplitude. Endless Space 2 begins with choosing one of 8 factions and from there, the galaxy is your oyster. Create a gigantic empire, crushing all who oppose you with sheer force.


Endless Space 2 Review - Endless Perfection the Third? - GameSoulz

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Amplitude Studios established one of the best 4X series to date with the first Endless Space, can they deliver such quality yet again?

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Endless Space 2 review

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Amplitude's grand strategy series returns to the stars.

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How Endless Space 2 captures the magic of conquering the stars

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Amplitude's 4X space sequel is out now on Steam.


We've got 10 copies of Endless Space 2 to give away

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Amplitude Studios' sci-fi strategy sequel Endless Space 2 is out today, and we're delighted to offer 10 Steam keys for the game to you guys courtesy of its publisher, Sega.
Endless Space 2 brings everything Amplitude learned making the well-received fantasy 4X Endless Legend to bear on a sequel to the game that made the studio's name - a game all about exploring and colonising deep space as the leader of a civilisation taking its first steps into the void.
Almost every system in the game has seen changes as a result, not least the spectacular new space battles. Chris Bratt got the lowdown from Amplitude's Romain de Waubert de Genlis (yes really) when they .


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