Monday, 22 January 2018  
Metal Gear Survive S-Rank Solo Play


CG writes: Once you can get over the rather full-on menu system in the Metal Gear Survive Beta and learn what each element brings to the table you can then focus on improving your odds in the missions. The first one might appear to be a tough campaign when playing solo but once you get a firm grasp of what to bring along and how to make the most of the extra mission objectives alongside harvesting maximum Iris energy youll S-Rank in no time.

Metal Gear Producer Regrets Confusion on Survive's Spin-off Nature, Says No To Lootboxes and P2W


Metal Gear producer Yuji Korekado regrets to have caused confusion for gamers regarding Survive's spin-off nature. He then stated that there won't be any loot boxes, or Pay-to-Win microtransactions for that matter, in the game.

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